I want to share with you the strange, simple secret of the inner workings of Liberty.me: freedom isn’t free.

When you put your hard-won ideas out there on the Internet on your own blog or via those other social networks, you know what’s going to happen. Every. Single. Time.

You will just be getting started on a real exchange of ideas, and then you will be, without a doubt, every day of your Internet life, interrupted by those profanity-spewing ignoramuses who live to offend and disrupt  — the trolls.

Well, guess what: we don’t have any trolls on Liberty.me. And that’s for one simple reason: trolls don’t pay tolls. Trolls get their jollies by dragging other people down. They lurk under bridges and reach their unwashed hands up to grab at the honest, decent passersby and rob them of joy and time and thinking space. (I’ll leave any Randian metaphors about bureaucratic looters to your own imagination.)

No troll would ever actually pay his own hard-earned money to gain membership in a community of freedom.

So when we put up this little paywall, just $5 a month, we were astonished at how simply, how painlessly, the trolls just disappeared. It’s like we waved a magic wand and they just lumbered off in a great shambling, hooting horde of barbarity to bother somebody else, somewhere else.

So come on to Liberty.me and listen, really listen to the quality of conversation. All that inarticulate snarling and snapping and grunting you’re used to hearing from under the bridges of the Internet is simply silent. And instead we have friendship, we have fun, we have honest and really interesting sustained intellectual conversations.

This doesn’t mean we agree with each other all the time. Absolutely not. Just try typing in “Rand Paul” or “spanking” and you’ll see what you get. We have dozens of duelling articles on any controversial topic — and the comment sections are actually a joy to read.

So our site is dedicated to you: the fun, the joyous, the thoughtful, the true citizen of the world — so often unheard and unheeded in a Internet run by and for the advertisers. So come join us and leave the trolls behind.