We have a delightfully diverse set of shows tonight on LIVE.

First, at 8:00 pm Eastern, the bros from Unbiased America hang out with Julian Adorney — savvy political commentator, FEE author, and new admin of Americans For Capitalism.

Next, at 9:30 on Between the Covers, liberty fictionista Tracy Lawson interviews novel author Linda Sittig Harris about immigration, women in liberty and business, plot hooks — and textiles?

Then at 10:30 I’m up with Troy Lanigan on Scotch and Scholars. Troy is president and CEO of the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation. We’re going to talk about his new book: Fighting for Taxpayers: Battles Fought and Battles Ahead.

Come one, come all. There’s something here for everyone in the liberty scene.

All of tonight’s shows are open to the public, and everyone can join in the chat to ask questions, make friends, and heckle the — uh, I mean, pose rational objections to the — shows’ stars.

Liberty.me members get custom avatars in chat, plus the ability to participate in the deeper, ongoing discussions on site.

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