Are you feeling tied down by the total state? Do you see the rusty chains of regulation everywhere you look? Do you have trouble remembering that there is joy and freedom today, now, in everyday things and in your own life?

Well, Joseph Diedrich has the prescription for you!

Joe Diedrich is one of the most uplifting and most insightful (and best dressed) writers in liberty today. He has an amazing way of seeing the world anew — of focusing on overlooked details and illuminating oft-forgotten truths with joy and humor.

As anyone who has been in his presence — digital or physical — can tell you, Joe is simply an inspiration to be with. I know I can’t spend 5 minutes in conversation with him without him planting the seed of a new and joyous insight in my mind.

And now he’s sharing with us a glimpse of his distinctive way of seeing the world.

In Find Liberty in Unexpected Places, Joe takes you on a romp through the world you thought you already know, and shows it all to you through a mirror of freedom and fun. Chocolate factories become political parties, a tiny apartment becomes the whole world, and a martini becomes the precious idea of liberty itself.


It was a great deal of fun to work with Joe in creating this guide, and I am delighted that we can share it with you today. Take a moment to enjoy it, and refresh your view of the world.